Engagement Lifecycle

The Bhojpur Consulting's interaction with different clients across the globe happens at various levels (e.g. C-level). We apply a consultative approach to sell information & communication technology (ICT) solutions, which requires long-term relationship building and frequent interactions with clients. While the opportunity hunting team proactively conducts thorough market research prior to engaging with prospective clients, we are continuously handling several opportunities reactively also in parallel which originate through our farming team.

To make it simple for key stakeholders, we have defined a well structured client engagement lifecycle to work with various clients across the globe using following stages of an opportunity.
During initial stages, our sales team is fully responsible. They connect with client and take the lead. They hand over the opportunity to technical delivery team so that it is managed fully independently at a later stage. However, the sales team takes a follow-up at frequent intervals to appraise the progress.

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