Trademarks & Brands

The Bhojpur Consulting owns the following registered trademark symbol, a very unique graphic mark designed during FY-2005, by Mr. Shashi Bhushan Rai (शशि भूषण राय), the founder (संस्थापक) of Brahmrishi Technologies for his previous business venture in Singapore.

In spirit of continuing with the same branding, the trademark could be described as:
  • either in a red square box or circle shape, and
  • an embedded white coloured "B" like symbol, resembling the English alphabet "B", and
  • the bar vertical bar of "B" is replaced with a plus "+symbol, and
  • the "B" is cut horizontally into two pieces
Typically, the above mentioned symbol is used along with names (e.g. "Bhojpur Consulting"). Besides the graphic of print format, the white area (as shown above) could be replaced with empty space in other materials (e.g. metal, wood).

The Bhojpur Consulting owns the copyright of its products, contentsplatform APIs, services asset
  • Mobile Applications
  • Website Content
  • Web Application
  • Data or Knowledge
  • Hardware or Software
The Bhojpur Consulting owns the patent for its productscontentsplatform APIsservices process, methodology, design
  • Algorithms
  • Product Design
  • Process or Methodologies
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