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Digital Enterprise of the Future

The Bhojpur Consulting offers comprehensive assessment of business & technology capabilities, change of business practices, and evolution of business & technology to achieve higher level of service agility inline with needs of the DigitalAge.
Our strategy advisory services related to Digital Transformation are offered under three categories (i.e. assesschangeevolve). The fundamental idea behind it is to be able to evaluate the AS-IS and TO-BE models first in specific domains, then conduct comprehensive Gap Analysis. A broad list of recommendations are provided during Assess phase. The implementation starts only in the Change phase. Each area requires a set of specialists to drive the transformation. Finally, the Evolve phase is a business-as-usual (BAU) stage where realization of business growth is our primary objective.
We engage selectively with only some clients after authentic recommendations followed by a formal due diligence process. On behalf of large enterprises across the globe, we undertake business transformation projects and manage it end-to-end. Such engagements are supported by a professional team comprising of highly experienced business leaders, management consultants, and technology experts. Each onboarded team member must undergo a thorough interview process, sign a confidentiality agreement, and non-disclosure agreement after their selection, and start contributing to project from our client's preferred location. In some cases, the team members can contribute from pre-approved remote offices with security measures enforced.

We contribute knowledge and experience required to build a truly digital enterprise. We have custom designed and implemented a technology platform to achieve coherent response to the collaboration challenges. Our multi-tenant platform supports global delivery model.

We bring best strategy consultants, digital enterprise architects & designers of technology solutions, and transform client's (e.g. microsmallmedium or large enterprises, and government bodies) business model, operational processes, technology landscape, workforce, etc. to align with emerging digital trends worldwide.

We have pre-defined assessment frameworks (i.e. capability maturity model) in the following areas to perform business gap analysis (i.e. AS-IS vs. TO-BE) and recommend course correction after Gap Analysis. The final outcome is a comprehensive Recommendations Report (i.e. approx. <= 50 pages) by technology domain experts.
We have pre-defined change frameworks to deliver tangible benefits in the following areas of your business practices. We promise to streamline the practices to gain the most from our methodology. The final outcome is an implementation of business systems and operational processes to align with the Digital Age requirements.
We have pre-defined evolution frameworks to enhance the product & service offerings in the following areas of your business. The final outcome is measurable business gains in terms of market share, product portfolio, and so on.
Our Digital Transformation efforts will evolve your organisation's Service Capabilities so that overall business agility improves over a period of time. We enable you using state-of-the-art omni-channel engagement platforms.

We provide virtual Project Management Office (vPMO) to drive digital business transformation initiatives on behalf of our clients by engaging at various levels.

We apply a proprietary and proven methodology to offer full cycle Digital Transformation services.
We prepare a detailed roadmap for enterprise digital transformation initiatives and its Business Case.

We accept engaging with the Clients using direct contract mechanism of the Upwork platform to remain fair, transparent, and trustworthy. Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.

The Bhojpur Consulting is a high-performance technology company, Hybrid IT services builder, product engineering expert, global system integrator, consulting firm, and managed service provider. Our research and development team specializes in making state-of-the-art information technology software, hardware, and network solutions for several industry sectors (e.g. Aerospace, Banking, Chemicals, Defence, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Life Science, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media, Mining, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Utilities).