Career Opportunities

The Bhojpur Consulting takes pride in applying a very conservative approach, while hiring talents in the organisation. Our commitment to esteemed customers and our partners is to deliver a high quality work, which constrains us further to be a mass employment generator for the society. However, we intend to create very conducive atmosphere for the business & technology strategists, innovators, designers, and those passionate people, who deserve to work with the best in the industry. Our remuneration (or benefits package) depends entirely on the job grade, position, etc.

Currently, we have the following job openings:

Digital Strategist: 5 openings
  • At least 15+ years of overall work experience
  • Very strong domain knowledge in Telecom, Oil & Gas, Life Sciences
Economic Advisor: 2 openings
  • At least 15+ years of work experience
  • Very strong Telecom domain knowledge, familiar with regulatory norms
Financial Analyst: 3 openings
  • At least 5+ years of overall work experience in an Advisory role
  • Very strong background in Financial Modelling & Simulation using OnPlan
Intellectual Property Rights / Patent Agent: 2 opening
  • At least 5+ years of overall work experience
  • Very strong knowledge in Legal Drafting, IPR laws, etc.
  • Good experience in Idea Assessment, Contract Management
Software Engineer (R&D): 15 openings
  • Minimum 2+ years of overall IT industry experience
  • Very strong in programming languages (e.g. Java, Python, Node.js, Go, Ruby, PHP)
  • Good understanding of Operating Systems, Databases, Message Queue, ESB, etc.
  • Fully familiar with DevOps, SDLC, ITIL, etc. practices
We do not discriminate talent based on their age, gender, caste, religion, language, location, and so on. We seek the best talents and believe in "equal opportunity employer" principles, therefore your candidature is assured to be considered objectively always by the recruitment team.

Your selection to any specific job grade or level depends on several factors (e.g. creative thinking, mathematical, logical, analytical, and problem solving skills, discipline and attitude towards work, a proof of passion for emerging technologies, industry domain knowledge, total number of years of work experience). In case, you do not fit minimum criteria but we found you more aligned or suitable to be groomed for our future corporate requirements, then we might consider you for a junior role at this point of time. Also, if you are not selected for any reason whatsoever, then please wait for an year at least to try again next time. 

We hire people directly always after a thorough evaluation process. Please beware of some fake job placement agents in the market (e.g. Monster, Naukri, Indeed), who would try to pretend as our representative. We do not entertain any placement agents at all for external hiring. According to the company policy, we advertise all of our job postings directly either through this website or in local newspapers or journals.

Any prospective applicant, who would like to purse a career with our company, can send their Curriculum Vitae (preferably written in English language in a Word document format) directly to us at through Email or fill this form online for a quick screening.

Even though we will try our best to respond to you quickly after reviewing the CV, but delays do happen sometimes due to our strict selection process and verification with different stakeholders. Therefore, please expect a delay of at least one week timeframe in getting a reply from our side.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.