Software-defined Network Cloud

The Bhojpur Consulting experts have gained significant experience in driving network-related innovation and multi-technology, distributed core, Cloud Computing transformation initiatives for clients across the globe in Telecommunication sector to let them remain relevant in Digital Age, while working with market leading network operators, communication service providers, and telecom equipment manufacturers, interested in building differentiated products and service offerings.

Many enterprise customers are trying to adopt emerging changes in Network Cloud technologies (e.g. using OpenStack) to create a set of differentiated products or service offerings according to their usage scenarios (e.g. B2C, B2B, B2B2C). We drive a seamless integration of enterprise applications with emerging telecom Network APIs of the leading service providers to take advantage of the Cloud Orchestration & Automation, reduce costs, and implement X-as-as-service delivery model.

We help clients (e.g. micro, small, medium or large enterprises, and government bodies) worldwide to define strategy, plan & design, build, integrate, migrate from physical -to- virtual networks, and operate Network Cloud and its associated services based on open source and Cloud technologies.

We apply following technology platforms to offer managed services to our clients.
We apply a proprietary and proven methodology to offer services in the following practice areas.

Fixed / Wireline
Mobility Network
Cloud / Virtualization
We prepare a detailed roadmap for Network-as-a-ServiceNetwork Transformation initiatives and its Business Case for our clients. To gain the maximum benefits from strategic initiatives, you can engage us early in the project lifecycle.

We specialise in Release Management and DevOps. Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.