System Integration & Design Centre

The Bhojpur Consulting is continuously involved in research & development activities related to virtual System Integration & Design (vSID) capabilities for enterprises. We hire and nurture a team of highly skilled product design engineers who could review our client's requirements (e.g. functional, non-functional, scalability, resilience, ergonomic, etc) and design suitable products for business use.

Depending upon project engagement, we could assemble a vSID team on behalf of our clients comprising of following skills quickly.
Our globally distributed team, vSID Centre of Excellence, specialises in following practice areas.

Technology Design
Hardware Design
Software Design
  • Universal CPE
  • IoT Sensors & Actuators
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Application
  • IoT / M2M Application
For integrated product design, our engineering experts utilise lot of Cloud-hosted 3D modelling tools (e.g. Autodesk AutoCAD, Inventor, Alias, Netfabb, Navisworks, Fusion 360, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Arnold, etc).
For software design, we utilise Archimate, SysML, UML, etc. modelling languages. We utilise following technology platforms or services internally during client engagements.
Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.