Flexible Capacity Model

The Bhojpur Consulting offers a flexible and unique pricing model of business engagement with our enterprise customers. It features enhanced level of flexibility in terms of IT resource (e.g. technical experts, computing infrastructure, platform, software) evaluation, acquisition, maintenance, and support to run their business seamlessly. Such engagements could be on a long-term basis only.
Whenever the project requirements, in terms of IT resources, are relatively unpredictable in nature and clients need highly automated tools & technologies for order fulfilment, assurance, and billing, we recommend flexible capacity model. However, we consider the following key factors as success criteria of flexible capacity model implementation.
  • elastic scalability of IT resources inline with business needs
  • run lowest cost Cloud infrastructure, platform, software, business processes
  • comprehensive range, no vendor lock-in over resource availability
  • full fledged pay-as-you-go pricing
Our experts can offer a comprehensive IT strategy, planning & design, and implementation services for our flexible capacity model which aligns with your enterprise's technology strategy. For example
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Software Defined Networking
  • DevOps Strategy
  • Artificial Intelligence
We accept engaging with the Clients using direct contract mechanism of the Upwork platform to remain fair, transparent, and trustworthy. Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.