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Migration Planning & Execution CoE

The Bhojpur Consulting is continuously involved into research & development activities related to virtual Project Management Office (vPMO) capabilities for enterprises. We hire and nurture a team of highly skilled Project Management experts, who specialise in strategic, tactical, and operational planning at specific domain-level (e.g. corporate, business, technology). Our team takes an integrated project planning approach while delivering solutions on behalf of our clients (e.g. large enterprises) for digital transformation initiatives.

Depending upon project engagement, we could assemble a vPMO team on behalf of our clients comprising of following planning & execution skills quickly.
We pool in human resources at virtual Migration Planning & Execution (vMPE) centre to help large enterprises in their strategic projects.

Our globally distributed, vMPE Centre of Excellence, specialises in the following practice areas.

Business Planning
Operations Planning 
Technology Planning
  • Zero Touch Automation Planning
  • Business Service Capabilities Planning
  • Business Process Planning
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration Planning
  • Enterprise Mobility Planning
  • BlockChain Hosting Planning
  • Data Virtualization Planning
  • Big Data & Analytics Planning
  • Orchestration & Automation Planning
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Data Centre Facility Planning
  • IoT /  M2M Cloud Planning
  • Enterprise Security Planning
  • Enterprise WAN Planning
  • Telco 2.0 Network Planning
We specialise in custom Dashboards, Technology Deployment, Migration Planning, Change Management, and Project Planning.
We accept engaging with the Clients using direct contract mechanism of the Upwork platform to remain fair, transparent, and trustworthy. Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.

The Bhojpur Consulting is a high-performance technology company, Hybrid IT services builder, product engineering expert, global system integrator, consulting firm, and managed service provider. Our research and development team specializes in making state-of-the-art information technology software, hardware, and network solutions for several industry sectors (e.g. Aerospace, Banking, Chemicals, Defence, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Life Science, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media, Mining, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Utilities).