Accepted Payment Methods

The Bhojpur Consulting can receive or pay using different mode of payments depending on the location or amount involved in any transaction. To comply with regulatory compliance rules and optimize the overall cost per transaction, we have defined the following list of payment guidelines. 

  • Except for very small amounts (e.g. below INR 7000/- or approx. USD 100/-) per transaction in a pre-approved scenario, we do not encourage our staff members to either pay or receive any cash transactions.
  • We will not accept or pay in mutilated notes or old coins for any reason whatsoever
Credit or Debit Card
  • We trust on secure RuPay or Visa or MasterCard payments
  • The payment or receipt of Card payments is acceptable only for relatively small amounts (e.g. below INR 70,000/- or approx. USD 1000/-) per transaction, we do not encourage it. 
  • We prefer to receive or pay online (in Indian Rupees only) using NEFT or RTGS internet banking transactions.
  • All the Foreign Remittances (e.g. inwards or outwards) in several other foreign currencies through a Bank Transfer is acceptable to us after adjusting applicable currency conversion and bank's transaction fees.
Bank Draft or Cheques
  • We prefer to receive or make payments (either in INR or USD or EUR or JPY or GBP or AUD currencies) to any agreed amount through bank draft or cheque per transaction. It is our most preferred mode of transaction across the globe.
  • All such transactions require verifiable documentation to comply with local government rules and banking regulations.
  • We can accept or pay amount in other popular foreign currencies, such as: CAD, CHF, CNY, SEK, MXN, NZD, SGD, HKD, NOK, KRW, TRY, RUB, BRL, ZAR, DKK, PLN, TWD, THB, MYR, etc. upon prior approvals.
Currently, we do not accept or pay in any kind of cryptocurrencies to comply with applicable laws in India. Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.