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The Bhojpur Consulting offers different kind of mobile- or web-based application software to be used by our customers and/or partners and/or suppliers and/or employees and/or investors

Such applications are created by either our in-house products or contents or platform APIs or services research and development teams or built by some third-party Cloud service providers. Majority of such business applications are hosted in a Cloud environment (e.g. Zoho One, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, and so on) and/or utilise a collection of third-party products or services to provide a unique end-user experience.

Therefore, we require you to create and maintain a subscriber or end-user account with us. We maintain a Cloud-hosted Directory Service to maintain your account information. You need to follow strict guidelines to manage your account securely. We take the following steps to keep your data safely.

Data in Transit
  • The communication network connectivity between the mobile- or web- or IoT applications is encrypted using advanced cryptographic algorithms based on industry standards (e.g. TLS/SSL).
  • We have implemented required Security monitoring and control mechanisms to alert us early or even block the communication automatically, if an unauthorised access is detected.
Data at Rest
  • Your account data is completely scrambled into several pieces and encrypted further prior to even storing it on a permanent storage media. It is retrieved quickly using advanced algorithms.
  • We utilise custom designed storage gateways, whenever your data is stored on Cloud infrastructure.
Sensitive Information
  • We have strict policies not to store any kind of personal online payments related sensitive information in our databases to use it later for any reason whatsoever. All such transactions are handled directly by authorised third-party payment gateways only.
Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.

The Bhojpur Consulting is a high-performance technology company, Hybrid IT services builder, product engineering expert, global system integrator, consulting firm, and managed service provider. Our research and development team specializes in making state-of-the-art information technology software, hardware, and network solutions for several industry sectors (e.g. Aerospace, Banking, Chemicals, Defence, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Life Science, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media, Mining, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Utilities).