Alliance Partnerships

The Bhojpur Consulting has a strategic partnership arrangement with the following technology companies. We take full advantage of these companies to engage them in an outsourcing model for some of our business activities to scale projects, if needed.

By virtue of strategic investments made by our promoters in the following business entities, we have been driving the overall strategy, architecture, design, development, and system integration of solutions offered by these Digital Enterprises listed below.

Name of Partner
Industry Solutions
A leading digital retail solutions company offering web or mobile commerce services, digital supply chain management, shopping outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets services in different market across India.

Even though, we are affiliated to following companies to take advantage of their Cloud-hosted services and technology hardware or software related trainings, products, services, and industry solutions, but we neither intend nor have any kind of revenue generation targets associated with them.

Hosting Partner
Cloud Services
We integrate with eCommerce Portal APIs and software solutions hosted on Amazon Web Services to build enterprise applications.
Duo Security
We integrate with Cisco’s Duo Security solutions hosted on Cloud.
reseller / partner
We integrate with G-Suite, Maps, Search, Firebase, AppMaker, TensorFlow, and software solutions hosted on Google Cloud Platform.
We integrate with IBM Watson and software solutions hosted on IBM Bluemix.
We integrate solutions with MS Office 365, Dynamics 365, Visual Studio, Windows, and software solutions hosted on MS Azure.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.