Test Design & Certification Centre

The Bhojpur Consulting is continuously involved into research & development activities related to virtual Test Design & Certification (vTDC) capabilities for enterprises. We hire and nurture a team of highly skilled IT hardware or software quality assurance experts and a variety of test engineers who could validate entire solution, platform, products or services stack from different perspectives (e.g. functional, non-functional, scalability, resilience).

Depending upon project engagement, we could assemble a vTDC team on behalf of our clients comprising of following skills quickly.
Our globally distributed team, vTDC Centre of Excellence, specialises in the following practice areas.

White-box Testing
Black-box Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Usability Testing
Network Testing
Security Testing
Our team leverages a variety of continuous integration tools (e.g. EggplantTricentis, Parasoft, SmartBear, Sauce Labs, Conformiq, Experitest) for implementing automated software testing.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.