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Mobile Application Development

The Bhojpur Consulting has been applying different mobile technology platforms (e.g. Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Tizen, SailfishTouch) for consumer smartphone or tablet software applications or embedded systems for industrial purpose (e.g. location-based services). We help large enterprises realise their mobile-first strategy by enabling the Unified Communications & Collaboration, Digital Workspace, and Enterprise Mobility functions using secure mobile platforms.

Our software engineering experts have gained significant experience in mobile application software requirements gathering, system analysis & design, source code development, system integration, functional testing, security testing, performance testing, and mobile application support over the years while working on various mobile platforms. We build software solutions for the following platforms.
We leverage Java, C/C++, C#Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, etc. programming languages for native mobile application development using integrated development environments (IDE), such as: Apple's Xcode, Android Studio, XamarinTizen Studio, AppceleratorRhoMobile Suite, etc.

For a platform agnostic common code base, we leverage the Google's Flutter based on Dart, Facebook's React Native or NativeScript or Apache Cordova or Sencha Ext JS framework based on Javascript programming language using IDEs, such as: Expo XDE, JetBrain WebStorm, Xamarin, Progress Telerik UI, etc. Depending upon client requirements, we leverage no-code platforms (e.g. AppsBuilderAppsGeyserAppyPie, BiznessAppsGoogle AppSheetiBuildAppThunkable, etc).

We integrate our solutions with Cloud Backend-as-a-Service platforms (e.g. Google's Firebase, Progress Kinvey, AWS AppSync, Apple's CloudKitPrismaFeathers.js, Back4AppPubNub, Convertigo, Oracle Cloud - Mobile Hub, or Mobile Accelerators (e.g. WompMobile).

For small, medium, or large enterprises, we can build workflow-driven applications using Microsoft PowerApps or Flow or Nintex or AgilePoint NX or K2 delivered over various mobile platforms.

For testing purposes, we use hosted GenyMotion Android OS emulator platform. We leverage device farms (e.g. AWS, Kobiton, SauceLab, Firebase Test Lab,, Xamarin Test Cloud) for large scale testing. We use mobile CI/CD platforms (e.g., bitrise.iocodemagic.ioFastlane).

We specialize in Scalability Design, Internationalization, Localization, Release Management, and DevOps enabling for mobile applications.

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