Monday, 1 January 2018

Smart Contract Management as a Service

An increasing adoption of Blockchain technology by large enterprises in different industry sectors to apply a set of decentralized applications in various business functions has lead to a need for more centralized management and control of Smart Contracts, mobile or web applications, and 3rd party services with regard to distributed applications from the enterprise perspective.

The Bhojpur Consulting has developed a feature rich software product, namely Bhojpur SCM, and various industry packages to offer a software-as-a-service solution for large enterprises across the globe to be able manage their investments in Blockchain infrastructure, platform, application software, and business processes seamlessly between their "on-premise" or "public" hosted services in a unified manner. It is integrated with their sensors or actuators and its management platform as well.

The Bhojpur SCM solution is a multi-tenant contract management software platform for large enterprises. It could be hosted either "on-premise" in a private Blockchain infrastructure or integrate with publicly hosted Blockchain services.

Our strategic alliance partners could help you in the system integration of Bhojpur SCM solution with your existing CRM, SCM, ERP, or other management systems to deliver a truly Digital Enterprise.

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