Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Distributed Cloud Platform as a Service

Though a centralized Cloud Computing architecture is required, efficient, cost effective, and applied by several enterprises across the globe to host different kinds of application, but certain other applications that are network latency sensitive demand for a decentralized architecture of Cloud.

The Bhojpur Consulting has developed a feature rich software product, namely Bhojpur DCP, for telecom operators to manage their distributed cloud infrastructure, platform, applications, and business processes in a unified manner by applying hybrid cloud, network service mesh (NSM), network function virtualization (NFV), network slice managementsoftware defined networking (SDN), management & orchestration (MANO), next-generation business & operations support system (NG-B/OSS), blockchain, and cognitive technologies.

The Bhojpur DCP solution is a multi-tenant Distributed Cloud management software platform for large network operators and communication service providers to be able to design, integrate, simulate, test, deploy, operate, and monetize their resources more efficiently. It features an out-of-the-box Telco API management platform to implement a programmable network quickly.

The Bhojpur DCP solution can manage different kinds of data centre facilities, hardware or software assets deployed either in your private- or public- cloud infrastructure seamlessly. It features a cloud service catalog and multi-cloud orchestrator that integrates with distributed service or resource provisioning, monitoring, metering, rating, chargeback, invoicing, and payment systems.

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