The Bhojpur Consulting leverages several on-premise and cloud-hosted platforms or services to offer best-of-the-breed information & communication technology (ICT) hardware or software products and integration services to emerging Digital Enterprise of the Future. Our team engages at different stages of business lifecycle to provide custom designed solutions.
We provide ICT solutions catering to the following types of business:
Depending upon the scope of project engagement, we integrate following kind of hardware technology components, sourced directly from OEMs, and provide the same as part of custom IT solution to enterprise customers.
The hardware components available from OEMs comes with a standard configuration that is good for normal usage. Therefore, we offer to additional services to enhance runtime performance of the technology stack and hardening the same for security reasons on behalf of our clients after careful consideration given to project requirements.
We make custom hardware or software solutions for an individual's personal use too. Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.