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Applicant's Selection Process

The Bhojpur Consulting has very strict guidelines to recruit candidates at all levels. The following list is only guideline for a prospective candidate and our recruitment team. However, the process is more formal, rigorous, and strict evaluation is applied to meet specific role requirements.

Educational Qualification
  • All the certificates of each candidate is verified from respective Boards or Universities
Technical Evaluation
  • We evaluate the logical reasoning abilities of each candidate
  • Each candidate must pass our mathematical abilities test
  • We look for symptoms fo research oriented mindset of talent
Professional Experience
  • We verify all the prior work experience claimed by each candidate.
Behavioural Evaluation
  • We look for leadership skills in each candidate
  • We review the integrity and honesty of individuals
  • Each candidate is checked for teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • We review the candidate's attitude towards work
Health Check-up
  • Each candidate must go through basic health check-up through an authorized hospital for clearance. It is required by companies offering Insurance coverage to our staff-members.
Background Verification
  • We reserve all the rights to employ specialized or government agencies to conduct thorough background verification of each applicant for any criminal records. It is performed to due to security compliance requirements of some of our clients.
Typically, the entire selection process might take approx. 4 ~ 8 weeks of time for each candidate. Your onboarding process begins after filling a few online forms.

Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.

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