Friday, 20 May 2022

Bhojpur Quantum Computing Framework

The Bhojpur Quantum platform is a free and open source software product built by research & development team to offer a quantum computing framework for circuit design, algorithm development, and artificial intelligence application (e.g. security, neural network). It is developed primarily using Go and C/C++ programming languages, low-cost hardware, features cross-compilation and a collection of pre-integrated services. It improves overall productivity of software developers while building custom wireless network, security, and IT applications over a Quantum Computing infrastructure. You could use this custom solution to deploy a wide range of self-hosted technology products or services in a Cloud environment.

The Bhojpur QVM runtime engine leverages different services and quantum-aware algorithms exposed by the Bhojpur Quantum platform to enable development of next generation applications in the field of computational Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and so on.

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