The Bhojpur Consulting product development teams are geared with a strong technology innovation focus towards social networking, internet of things (sensors, actuators), enterprise mobility platforms, network function virtualization, software defined networking, distributed or edge cloud computing, big data & analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, enterprise security, blockchain, etc.

Social Networking
A proprietary software platform for Digital Lifestyle management allows tracking of information published on various social networking platforms and managing reputation of individuals or enterprises.
Sensors / Actuators
machine-to-machine or internet-of-things Cloud Management platform for the remote monitoring of assets distributed across the globe.
Enterprise Mobility
A proprietary software security platform for Device Management applied in a large enterprise scenario for monitoring of heterogeneous mobile devices.
Network Services
A proprietary Software Defined Networking framework for orchestrating the deployment, monitoring, and control of network products and services sourced from different communication service providers.
Cloud Platform
A next-generation Cloud agnostic enterprise integration platform leveraging several technology orchestrators for business services, compute or storage or network or resource provisioning, service activation, monitoring, diagnostic, metering, rating, charging, billing, and so on for efficient IT operations.
Analytics Platform
A multi-tenancy enabled Cloud agnostic enterprise core platform for an accelerated adoption and implementation of the unified Analytics Hub across business units.

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