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Technology Product Engineering

The Bhojpur Consulting is an information & communication technology (ICT) solutions builder. We source a variety of technology infrastructure, data centre facilities, network equipments, communication services, computing hardware & peripherals, software applications & platforms, services, etc. from several suppliers or partners in the domestic and foreign markets.

We work closely in partnership with following types of business to build custom technology solutions on behalf of clients or for our internal use too.
Our innovative product development teams are geared with a strong technology focus towards social networking, internet of things (e.g. sensors, actuators), enterprise mobility, network function virtualization, software defined networking, distributed or edge cloud computing, big data & analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, mixed reality, enterprise security, blockchain, robotic process automation, etc.

3D Printing
A software platform for 3D Printing management allows additive manufacturing model editing, distribution, printing, etc.
A multi-tenant, Cloud agnostic enterprise core platform for accelerated adoption and implementation of the unified Analytics Hub across business units.
API Management
A multi-tenant, enterprise Service Delivery platform to win in a digital age. It enables accelerated innovation for business units.
An enterprise platform for accelerated adoption and implementation of the unified Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality across business units.
A multi-tenant, multi-network, consensus based Trust platform, which enables innovative application development and delivery.
Cloud Computing
A next-generation Cloud agnostic enterprise application integration platform leveraging several technology orchestrators for business services, compute or storage or network or other resource provisioning, service activation, monitoring, diagnostic, metering, rating, charging, billing, and so on for efficient IT operations.
A multi-tenant, multi-source, machine learning and artificial intelligence platform that enabled delivering highly optimised algorithms.
A multi-tenant, automation platform that streamlines several business activities across IT development and operations team.
A multi-tenant, Drone automation platform that streamlines flight operation and data management activities across teams.
A software platform for Genomic data management for enterprises.
A proprietary software security platform for Device Management applied in a large enterprise scenario for monitoring of heterogeneous mobile devices, applications, etc.
A proprietary Software Defined Networking framework for orchestrating the deployment, monitoring, and control of network products and services sourced from different communication service providers.
A proprietary software platform for Quantum Computing for enterprises.
A multi-tenant, hybrid IT security management platform that streamlines enterprise-level identity management, authentication, authorization, and assurance services.
Sensor / Actuator
A machine-to-machine or internet-of-things Cloud Management platform for the remote monitoring of assets distributed across the globe.
Social Network
A proprietary software platform for Digital Lifestyle management allows tracking of information published on various social networking platforms and managing reputation of individuals or enterprises.

We accept engaging with the Clients using direct contract mechanism of the Upwork platform to remain fair, transparent, and trustworthy. Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.

The Bhojpur Consulting is a high-performance technology company, Hybrid IT services builder, product engineering expert, global system integrator, consulting firm, and managed service provider. Our research and development team specializes in making state-of-the-art information technology software, hardware, and network solutions for several industry sectors (e.g. Aerospace, Banking, Chemicals, Defence, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Life Science, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media, Mining, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Utilities).