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Project Stakeholder Management

The Bhojpur Consulting believes that overall success of any project depends a lot on engaging all the key stakeholders (e.g. business users, operations team, technology experts, facility owners) at the right time, clearly understanding of the key expectations of each stakeholder, and managing the same suitably in a timely manner. Therefore, it is essential to understand overall impact of the change your project brings into the organisation.

We leverage following technology platforms or services internally during client engagements.
We have gained significant experience in Stakeholder Management for any kind or size of project assignment on behalf of our esteemed clients. We start early in the project and engage into the following list of activities.
  • Review the current Organisation Structure
  • Understand the overall Scope of Project
  • Conduct an independent Business Impact Analysis
  • Specify a list of Key Stakeholders to be engaged in the project 
  • Identify the current & future Roles & Responsibilities of stakeholders
  • Document specific Requirements (i.e. business, operations, technical)
  • Conduct workshops to validate each requirement with all the stakeholders
  • Liaison and get initial buy-in from all the stakeholders for the project
  • Regularly participate in meetings, clarify, and manage stakeholder expectations
  • Establish SLA, KQI, KPI among different stakeholders, and manage conflicts
  • Maintain a change log and track overall effectiveness of the process
  • Regularly report the overall progress of the project to the Management
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