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Managed Service Provider

The Bhojpur Consulting is a company born in the Cloud. We are Hybrid IT managed service provider (MSP). We apply global perspective and unique approach towards information & communications technology enabled service delivery. We offer comprehensive set of managed services (e.g. related to software-as-a-service, legacy enterprise applications, middleware platforms, database systems, IoT / M2M systems, mobile devices, desktop computers, enterprise servers, on-premise or cloud security, network services and support, drone operations) to large enterprises across the globe to execute business and technology processes effectively.

Some of our IT Management capabilities include the following:
Internally, we utilize WikiService Desk PlusMobile Device Management, Desktop CentralPatch Management, Assist, etc. Cloud-hosted software tools for enabling our staff members to be able to support our customers remotely. Besides applying a uniquely designed 24x7 monitoring tool chain in MSP model, we leverage several software services for managing distributed IT assets on behalf of our clients globally.
We have made significant investments to leverage several distributed IT facilities (e.g. MS Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix, DigitalOcean, Vultr, LinodeeHDF, Firebase), hardware (e.g.  PacketChromebookMacBook) and software (e.g. VersionOneGood DayGitHubGitLabCodeship, WerckerSonarQube, SauceLabs, LogMeIn, Statuspage, SmartsuppTradeGeckoConcord, MagentoRazorpayCallcentric, Textlocal) as-a-service resources based on Cloud-hosted infrastructure, platform, and software services.

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The Bhojpur Consulting is a high-performance technology company, Hybrid IT services builder, product engineering expert, global system integrator, consulting firm, and managed service provider. Our research and development team specializes in making state-of-the-art information technology software, hardware, and network solutions for several industry sectors (e.g. Aerospace, Banking, Chemicals, Defence, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Life Science, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media, Mining, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Utilities).