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Multi-Lingual Content Translation Services

The Bhojpur Consulting has a dedicated multi-lingual team of interpreters / translators, who could convert your content from one language to another. This team has gained significant experience in providing multi-format (e.g. text, audio, video) content translation services to small & medium enterprises, online stores, website/business owners, etc.

credits: some of the icons / logos used belong to Google, Microsoft, Apple, AWS, Reverso, Babylon, or respective product or service owners,
we do not claim copyright on those digital assets. It is shown only to depict the fact that we use such software tools to deliver our service.

We utilize a variety of advanced software tools & technologies during client engagements to speed up the content translation process.

We specialise in performing the following activities/tasks during content translation services.

Depending upon the quantum of translation efforts involved, design or layout related technical skills requirements, subject matter expertise requirements, number of proof-reader review allowances, and so on these translation project engagements would cost the clients approx. USD 5.00 ~ USD 100.00 per hour.
  • for product descriptions (e.g. <= 5 items): USD 50.00
  • for technical articles (e.g. <= 4 hours): USD 100.00
  • for software application (e.g. <= 30 hours): USD 1,500.00
Besides the content translation services, we offer several other services (e.g. Content WritingSEOAutomation, Localization, etc).

We accept engaging with the Clients using direct contract mechanism of the Upwork platform to remain fair, transparent, and trustworthy. Please feel free to contact us directly, if you have any queries further.

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